Acts of the 4th FIDEM European Congress of Medieval Studies

Acts of the 4th FIDEM European Congress of Medieval Studies

Dear Friends,

we are pleased to announce that the editorial work on the volumes collecting the Acts of the 4th European Congress of Medieval Studies promoted by FIDEM (Fédération Internationale des Instituts d’Études Médiévales), on the theme Coexistence and Cooperation in the Middle Ages. In memoriam of Leonard E. Boyle (1923-1999) – Palermo, 23-27 June 2009 – has been completed.

The complete work consists of three volumes, for a total amount of about 1600 pp., detailed Indices included.

The printed copy is available only on demand.

The cost of the three volumes is €250,00. A 30% discount off the cover price is available for the members of FIDEM, SIEPM, SISPM, OSM and the authors who published their contributes, booking the volumes by the 30th of April. Therefore, the volumes have a exclusive price of €175,00, shipping charges excluded.

You can book the volumes by sending an e-mail to .

Best regards,

l Presidente dell’O.S.M.

prof. Alessandro Musco

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  1. Dear Prof. Musco,

    Hello, my name is James Costa and I am a contributing author to this volume. Are printed copies available for the Acts of the 4th Congress. If so, I would like to order one printed copy. Thank you.


    prof.. James Costa


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