The Compilation of Knowledge in the Middle Ages


La compilación del saber en la Edad Media

La compilation du savoir pendant l’époque médiévale

Madrid, 20-22 junio de 2012

Departamento de Filología Latina
Universidad Complutense de Madrid

FIDEM Annual Meeting 2012

The Compilation of Knowledge in the Middle Ages

The practice of the compilation of texts of other authors, which existed already from the Antiquity, developed during the Middle Ages with various techniques of organization of the material, experiencing a great diffusion and producing various literary genres, as encyclopaedias, florilegia and compendia.

Productions of this kind belong, from a literary point of view, to the so-called “literature of borrowing or of plagiarism” and, for this reason, produced works of less importance, though this literature “of second degree” is receiving increasing attention at the present time.

The aim of this Colloquium is to analyze the practice of the compilation in its various aspects and to determine, on the one hand, the implications of its contribution to medieval knowledge, and, on the other hand, its role as an instrument of intellectual work and as mediator for the transmission of culture.

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In memoriam Anae María Aldama Roy

The colloquium, because of his topic and the place where it is celebrated, is the suitable space to honour the memory of Ana María Aldama Roy, who was a professor of the Department of Latin Philology at Universidad Complutense de Madrid and who devoted herself with interestand profit to the study of the Latin florilegia.

Presentation of papers

The scholars interested in participating to the Colloquium must send until February 29 2012 an abstract of their proposal (that will not exceed twenty minutes of time) to the following direction of e-mail: . The abstracts with an extension of 10-20 lines, must be sent in Word format.

Participation scholarships

FIDEM will give scholarships of assistance to young scholars under-35s, who are individual members or belong to an institution member of the FIDEM, in order to facilitate their participation in the Colloquium. Their requests (accompanied by the abstract of their papers, the curriculum vitae and a letter of recommendation signed by a Professor) must be sent by the 29th February 2012 by e-mail:  or by mail to the Secretary of the FIDEM: Prof. José Meirinhos, Faculdade de Letras do Porto, Via Panorâmica s/n, P-4150-564 Porto (Portugal). The approval will be announced by e-mail to the candidates on March 31.

More information

Further information of the Colloquium will be available on this site and on the site of the Department of Latin Philology of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Annual Meeting of the FIDEM Committee

On the occasion of the Colloquium, the FIDEM will organize on Saturday 23rd June the Annual Meeting of the Committee.

The same day takes place the meeting of the representatives of the universities participating in the European Diploma for Medieval Studies.


Selected papers of the Colloquium are published by Brepols in the collection Textes et études du Moyen Âge.