Textes et Études du Moyen Âge

Volume 76

Cover image Missal. Lisbon, Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal, Alc. 249, f. 125v (© Ana Lemos)

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Portuguese Studies on Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts

Edited by Maria Adelaide Miranda and Alicia Miguélez Cavero

Barcelona – Madrid, 2014; xv + 195 p; €49 h.t.; ISBN 978-2-503-55473-0

In the most recent years a group of young researchers has given a new impetus to the study of Book Illumination in Portugal, promoting national and international research that focuses on understanding illuminated manuscripts in both their aesthetics and material dimensions, as well as the relationship between text and image. The developement of interdisciplinary research thanks, in part, to strategic partnerships between the Humanities and the domain of Exact Science has been established to address new issues raised by the need of more comprehensive and wide studies around the illuminated manuscript.

This volume gives thus light to the most important contributions of these new approaches, including new technical studies of pigments in manuscripts of the fund of the Monastery of Alcobaça and three copies of Hugh of Fouilloy’s Book of Birds, inquiries concerning a mismounted mappamundi in the Lorvão Beatus, a study of two southern French legal manuscripts, the image of the artist in astrological iconography, problems raised by two books of hours in the National Library of Portugal, and penwork decoration in fifteenth- century Hebrew manuscripts.

The authors of the volume belong to three Portuguese academic institutions. Maria Adelaide Miranda, Alicia Miguélez Cavero, Catarina Fernandes Barreira, Maria Alessandra Bilotta, Ana Lemos and Luís Ribeiro are integrated members of the Institute of Medieval Studies of the Nova University of Lisbon; Maria João Melo, Rita Castro, Conceição Casanova, Vania Solange Muralhas e Rita Araújo are members of the Department of Conservation and Restoration of the Nova University of Lisbon; Luís Urbano Afonso e Tiago Moita are members of the Institute of History of Art of the University of Lisbon.

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