Gangolf Schrimpf Visiting Fellowship: Bibliotheca Fuldensis (Fulda)

The philosopher and medievalist Gangolf Schrimpf (1935-2001) set up the research project Bibliotheca Fuldensis in 1981. His aim was to foster investigation into the medieval library of the monastery of Fulda, dispersed during the Thirty Years’ War. Since the project took off, the Fulda Faculty of Theology Promotion Society (Förderkreis der Theologischen Fakultät Fulda) has facilitated a collection of high quality reproductions featuring extant manuscripts and major fragments.

The Gangolf Schrimpf Visiting Fellowship will be awarded to a junior or senior scholar with a well-defined research project within the field of medieval studies (e.g. History, Theology, Philosophy, Literature – preferably considering Fulda manuscripts) who wants to spend at least one month, and up to three months, at the Institute Bibliotheca Fuldensis, at any time during the academic year 2014 (preferably from April to May or from October to February). The fellowship is non-stipendiary. Applicants must hold an academic degree and have their own financial resources.

For more information: Download (pdf)

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