Diplôme Européen d’Études Médiévales

The European diploma in Medieval Studies was created in 1991 by the FIDEM. The Diploma is maintained by a group of Universities within the ERASMUS programme and is open to students of all nationalities.

Our Goals

Medieval Latin

The European Diploma in Medieval Studies is a Diploma in the study of written Latin sources from the Middle Ages.


Its main goal is to give a good basic training to future scholars of the Middle Ages.

Worldwide Prestige

The courses on the documents of the Middle Ages (manuscripts and archival material), will be given in Rome by scholars of international renown who conduct their classes in Italian, supplemented by French or English.


The Diploma is coordinated by Professor  (Università di Cassino).

Programme for the Courses

The programme for the courses is focused on methodology and the teaching of auxiliary sciences:

  • Italian (75 h., optional) 75%
  • Latin ( 45 h., optional) 45%
  • Introduction to Bibliography, Tools and Sources (30 h.) 30%
  • Medieval Latin I and II (45 h.) 45%
  • Latin Paleography (45 h.) 45%
  • Codicology I and II (60 h.) 60%
  • Diplomatics I and II (45 h.) 45%
  • Critical edition of texts / textual criticism (45 h.) 45%

Participating Universities

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Students Requirements

To be eligible as a candidate for the Diplôme, the student…

  • Must have a BA degree in the humanities and an MA degree or its equivalent.
  • Must have sufficient knowledge of Latin to pass a translation test (i.e. translating a text taken from the Bible or St. Augustine).
  • Should speak English or French and should also have a basic knowledge of Italian. There will be an interview in French / English at the beginning of the academic year. Classes will be conducted in Italian, supplemented by French or English;
  • Should be willing to live in Rome for the duration of the programme (15th of October – 15th of June) to be able to complete the courses and pursue personal research in the libraries.
  • Must be able to support herself/himself financially. Note that there is no scholarship or grant from the FIDEM! But you can benefit from a Socrates/Erasmus grant (please contact the International Office of your University or Faculty).
  • Must apply to be admited as a student.


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