Association des Anciens étudiants du Diplôme Européen d'Études Médiévales

Les Anciens du Diplôme

Association des anciens DEEM is an international network of former students of the European Diploma in Medieval Studies (DEEM), created in 1991 by the International Federation of Institutes for Medieval Studies (FIDEM). The objective of the network is to encourage contact and promote initiatives among medievalists.

In the current academic climate, young medievalists cannot expect to find fixed academic positions or easy research grants. In order to make the most of our competence and our ideas, we need to collaborate, whether by informal contacts or by cooperating on applications for research grants.

To facilitate exchanges of ideas and research projects between the network’s participants, this site provides updated information on their research activities and work places. The Association des anciens DEEM also organizes seminars and conferences. Participation in the network is open to all former students of the European Diploma.


Président: Wim Verbaal
Secrétaire: Line Cecilie Engh

Anciennes directions:

2011 – 2015
Président: Marta Pavón Ramírez
Secrétaire: Line Cecilie Engh

1999 – 2010
Président: Massimo Ceresa
Secrétaire: Marta Pavón Ramírez, Martin Pickavé

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Association des anciens DEEM

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